“Too many people have told us ours are the best wedding photos they have seen for it to be just flattery. Martin knew what we wanted, and was honest enough to tell us what he needed to do to capture that. The result was a series of spontaneous moments captured to make a dazzling whole, which tells the story of the day perfectly. Martin’s given us something timeless and beautiful, all done in the most unobtrusive style”.


‘As soon as we found Martin’s website, we just knew we had to have him photograph our wedding. This was one of the best decisions we made. Martin was so easy going and made us feel very relaxed. For the majority of the day, we didn’t even notice he was there! Martin could not have captured the day any better. We love every single photo he took and we now have the wonderful memories to look back on. We can’t thank you enough”.


“Martin is an incredibly talented artist, outstandingly professional photographer and just all round lovely, easygoing, unobtrusive guy to have there on your wedding day. The best decision we made was choosing him as our wedding photographer. Every shot is gorgeous, unique and stylish and all the little moments and details are preserved. We would recommend him wholeheartedly and enthusiastically”.



“We don’t know where to begin to say thank you and to express how thrilled we are with the photos you captured during Jess & Chris’s very special day. Each picture tells a story and brings memories flooding back. Magically you have captured the essence of the day, the tears, the joy, the nerves, the fun, the laughter, small moments and big moments each taking their place on the stage. For years to come just glancing through, or pouring over in detail will bring the happiest of memory back I am sure. You have an incredible eye for detail and were utterly unobtrusive. Our sincerest thanks for such a special collection of photographs.” 

“Martin, Eliza’s wedding was essentially arranged by her, and we just paid for her choices. So, we had no idea of who the photographer was, nor had we seen any of your work. We are delighted with your photographs. I am an architect, so what we see is my field. You have a great eye. The ability to catch the moment, that second when visual magic happens, is the gift of great photographers, and you have it. It is not a question of taking a million snaps, it doesn’t work like that. Thank you for a great job that we will treasure.” 


From the first time we looked at Martin’s portfolio, we were determined to have him as our wedding photographer. I had spoken to and looked at so many photographers that I started despairing of finding someone who understood our vision for the day. Martin’s images move us in a way that we cannot describe. The vibrancy, vitality and intimacy of our photos are a testament to his skills. We are absolutely happy with the final result and will not hesitate in recommending him to other brides.” 


Martin is truly outstanding and a rare find. He captured so many candid, intimate moments without us even realising he was there. Although we only met on the day, he put us at ease and brought out our personalities in the photos…no set up poses or awkward smiles; just pure, relaxed joy and movement. We received the photos the following week – so quickly edited! and he wrote a fantastic blog post, which we have read over and again (as have our families and friends). Really amazing work!



Martin is stress free, so extremely professional and has a naturally calming aurora. We spoke before the day in great detail about our day and whilst he wanted to know the timeline he was actually interested in us, as a couple. The day went in a flash but our pictures are truly magnificent and better than we ever dreamed of, the blog was superb and our guests are still talking about this now and I know that we could not have picked a better photographer.” 

“We are still getting compliments about how great the photos are, how well he captured the atmosphere, how he managed to pick up on all the important details, how they tell the story of the day and how amazing that he managed all this whilst being totally unobtrusive. Martin is a true professional in photojournalism and I’m so grateful he captured the day, in such a perfect and beautiful way”


“My photos were nothing less than absolutely stunning. Martin truly captured the big day, and incredible little moments throughout. My father told me he plans to fly Martin to the USA for my sister’s wedding he loved Martin’s work so much – now all she has to do is get engaged !”


“The moment I saw the first photograph that Martin had produced of our wedding day I couldn’t help but squeal with delight! It was absolutely breathtaking. Martin really took on board our desire to have photos that truly represented the day – they are so full of life. I t was also very impressive that we hardly noticed him on the day – yet he captured such private moments which we will treasure for the rest of our lives”.



Martin made us feel so relaxed (and subtly added humour when needed!) all day, and many guests commented on how unobtrusive he was. Our photographs are absolutely beautiful and he documented the day superbly. Martin has a gift of observing and studying people within a relatively short space of time, and then capturing their personalities so perfectly – it was this gift that made our photographs so special. I can’t recommend Martin highly enough – a genuine and extremely talented professional. 

Martin excelled all expectation. From our first conversation to the finished article, we could not have wished for more. Martin was not only approachable and friendly but most of all, his work was truly exceptional. Our wedding was in a wine Chateau, which posed many challenges, not least of all lighting conditions. A keen photographer myself, I can only dream of creating the images he produced – each telling its own story, never simply a picture but real works of art we will treasure always.– Kirsty & Ben


Martin is an absolutely gifted photographer who captured our special day in such a way that it is just a perfectly captured story, instead of the standard set up wedding pictures. He shot the most personal, emotional and truthfully pictures, with a perfect use of contrast, brightness, and light. He just perfectly captured the love and emotions. We cannot rate anyone higher than him and we have been to a lot of weddings recently, including celebrity ones and those pics are of lesser quality.  


Martin appeared to be omnipresent at our wedding and captured so many of the moments that would otherwise have passed by in a blur for us. The quality of his work speaks for itself, and it’s remarkable to note that despite being in amongst the action, he rarely appears in any of our guests’ photos! His photos are truly a record of the day as it happened, unscripted.”



“Martin was absolutely excellent. Whenever I thought that would be an incredible photograph he was right there behind me already on it. He was on every moment without being intrusive which allowed us to enjoy the day without having to pose. Therefore the photos acted as a story book of the day which is exactly what we wanted. He captured intimate moments without us even realising and the images sum up the personality of our day perfectly !”

Martin’s skill is ultimately in being able to create beautiful photos out of any situation. The framing, the focus, the way he uses the light. This is a real art form: to make something from nothing. He doesn’t boss around or have lengthy set-ups but is also willing to execute some of our ideas too. His other great skill is being so discreet. A lot of my friends said they just didn’t know he was there and then you see the photos and know he captured everything, just as it unfolded.”


An image can move people; it can inspire them with passion and hope. For it to do so, however, the photographer must have a deep feel for the personal significance of the occasion and infuse their whole being into capturing the moment.

Martin’s images have had a profound response amongst our family and friends across the world. They have started conversations amongst strangers and become a source of hope amongst others. All have responded to the joy, vitality and intimacy that Martin captured in telling the story of our celebration.”


“James and I spent a long time looking at blogs, galleries, facebook and Instagram before we contacted our shortlist of photographers. Martin sent me a few Southend Barns galleries to look at, that was its decision made. We received our pictures last night and it was like reliving our Wedding day all over again. This is exactly what we wanted, a storybook of our day.Some of our guests have commented ’we didn’t even realise you had a photographer’ – this is how well Martin fits into the day.” 



“I looked at lots and lots of photographers websites and having done some modeling a few years back I guess I was extra picky! What I loved about the photo’s Martin took were their relaxed, natural style and his uncanny ability to catch people at exactly the right moment!

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed with the results on my wedding day either! People who couldn’t make it to the wedding look at the photos and presume there must have been more than one person there taking them! In his photos, Martin managed to emulate and save forever the emotions, happiness and little details of the day with us hardly noticing he was even there snapping away as he was so discrete!

They are the photos I will treasure forever and whenever I look at them it takes me straight back to the day and I get my wedding butterflies back! “ 

” From the first time, we met Martin we knew he was the photographer for us – from the way he talked about photography & weddings, knowing exactly what we did want as well as what we didn’t. Calm, unassuming, and clearly very talented, Martin was great to have there on our big day – in fact, we hardly noticed he was there half the time!

The photography Martin took is a testament to our first impression; beautifully classic photography that will stand the test of time. We are exceptionally happy with the result and would absolutely recommend Martin to others. In short, he got amazing pictures – unbelievably in blazing bright sunshine! –  that we will treasure forever.”


From my list of photographers, none jumped out, however from my friend’s list, Martin’s photos stood out as being exceptional. I could see true storytelling, amazing composition and clarity in every photo. The idea of vintage photos was completely disregarded as a passing whim that I would regret. I realised I wanted photos that exactly represented what we had seen and felt on the day and Martin’s style of photography seemed perfect.  When I look at my wedding photos I am taken back to the butterflies in my stomach whilst waiting to walk down the aisle and the fun of trying to ceilidh in a wedding dress! I would recommend Martin to any future brides!”


“Martin came as a recommendation to us from another photographer and as soon as we saw his portfolio we knew he would be perfect. Both myself and husband were not into the idea of posed or staged photos. We wanted to create a story of our day, catching all those glimpses of emotion beyond the smiles and moments we might otherwise have missed.

The results were spectacular and we could not have asked for more. We reckon Martin was wearing an invisible cloak on the day of the wedding. He managed to take all the shots without being invasive, which I believe was the secret in capturing those unposed moments.In a nutshell, Martin genuinely cares about getting amazing photos for your special day, is an absolute professional and produces spectacular results”



“Photographs were always going to be the most important part of our London winter wedding. Don’t get me wrong, everything else was important to us but we always knew we wanted the perfect images of the day to look back on so we wanted to make sure the photographer we chose would capture every moment and every expression.

We were also looking for someone who would not only get great shots but who would understand the entire day, capture the concept and do this with minimum (if any) instruction.

With that brief in place, we were so lucky to find Martin, who fulfilled the role of photographer in a way that kept everything we wanted from a “classic” wedding picture and delivered in a fresh and contemporary way unlike other photos we had seen of friends weddings.

We keep looking back at our photos and it brings happy tears to my eyes from how perfect the day was, a day we’ll never forget. We were blessed to have a beautiful sunny winters day which shone throughout the photos of our day, then continued in everyone’s smiles and laughs in the evening.

Our friends and family have all said what wonderful photos we have to keep and relive the day, especially the moments we may have missed.

Martin was very discreet, at points we didn’t even know he was there. We see some snaps and am surprised he caught the moment without me knowing he was there. There are so many pictures taken from great artistic angles”

“We wanted to thank you for the fabulous photographs. We couldn’t be more delighted with them. Not only are they lovely images in themselves, they also tell the story of our day and capture it’s spirit. You have managed to get under the skin of our wedding day and produce pictures that are full of life and which remind us as much of how the day felt as how it looked. They are a wonderful memory. We would recommend you unreservedly to anyone who wants beautiful and truthful wedding pictures.”



“Ever since first meeting Martin over a year ago, we knew that he was the photographer we wanted to capture our day.

His work is effortless and we cannot begin to express how happy we are. As well as being blessed with great memories, we now have perfect photos to accompany them.

Thank you Martin.”



St Etheldredas wedding photography

“Wow! The photos are truly amazing! They are by far the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen! We are so glad we stumbled upon you on the Internet.”

(from Kirsty’s first email upon seeing her wedding photos)

“Despite difficult light and tough time constraints, Martin managed to create a perfect set of wedding shots which were better than we could ever have imagined. His photos really captured the personalities of our nearest and dearest and will be treasured forever. He also managed to shoot some great moments that James and I shared, without us even knowing he was there.”



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