This is a small portfolio of my reportage wedding photography. Images that are favourites of mine but also a selection that I think reflects the uncontrived style of my wedding photography. My approach as an eyewitness with a camera, rather than an orchestrator of traditional setup moments. Recording the day not imposing upon it.

This is how I shoot, this is my reportage ‘eye’.

This is my approach as I capture a wedding day. A style that reflects my training, my experience in photojournalism and my love of that particular genre of photography. The reportage ‘eye’. That is what makes individual photographers unique.

We all have the same equipment, we charge similar rates, give or take, but it is our sense of composition, timing and our experience that sets us apart from each other. How we see what is happening around us, combined with our technical skill to capture it. A style not reliant upon photoshop or ephemeral styles. Our ‘eye’!

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